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Smoking Hot Homeschooling

I've been doing more than my fair share of complaining lately. Seems this homeschooling gig used to be more fun in the early days. Lately we've been stuck on the same ol' lesson: "For Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction."  For Example: I say, "Let's get moving and finish the schoolwork (and the housework) so we can get to the fun stuff."  Their reaction is to whine and dig in their heels- while productivity comes to a screeching halt. And yet another day passes without getting to the illusive Fun Stuff. Why is it soooo difficult to work with these boys lately???? Might as well browse Facebook and read a blog post or two while I wait for them to get busy. Right?  Probably not. Well, maybe, if it means reading this post by Heidi, at Busy Mom. Turns out it isn't a boy thing. It has nothing to do with the kids at all. I have simply lost my vision. I lost my vision for our homeschool, and for our family in general. It seems to be a c…