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Since You Asked….

For those who have been asking about the fairly recent turn around in my attitude and my physical appearance, here it is in a nutshell:

Yes, I had the surgery. No, I would NOT do it over again if given the opportunity. Yes, I dropped a good bit of weight. No, it was not on purpose. Yes, it is a healthier weight (same that I weighed at age 24- if it was a healthy weight then, it is certainly a healthy weight for me now). No, it was not due to the treatment protocol (which, by the way, I declined). Yes, I am eating a plant based diet (85-95%).No, I haven't totally given up animal protein. (You could call me a "flexitarian")Yes, I am working out more often.No, still not as often as I should.Yes, Medishare paid for everything once I met the deducible. No, I am not seeing an oncologist anymore. Yes, I am planning to have a doctor monitor my health. *I just need to find one who will order the tests I need, without trying to coerce me into a treatment that is more life threateni…