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She's Alive

That's right folks, I am still kicking. Just not blogging. Because, you know, LIFE. It happens. And lots of activity is happening around here lately. No clue where to begin!  

Let's see. About a month ago I was complaining to God (as unfortunately is my habit) that I am restless, bored, and dissatisfied with my state in life. Can't a girl have some time to herself?  Since I recently had a 15 day adventure (that's a post in itself), I knew that wasn't a valid desire.  I remembered Mother Teresa saying "if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."  I read (somewhere) she once told one of her sisters that if she was dissatisfied, it must be that she was holding something back from God. So I asked what I was supposed to be doing, instead of daydreaming about how I would spend my free time (if it were up to me). 
BAM! It certainly didn't take long to learn the answer.  Since that prayer we have been flooded with opportu…