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Wouldn't it be fabulous if home educators could receive the same tax payer funding as the public school system? With that kind of money per child, we could go to Egypt, Greece, and Rome while studying Ancient Civilizations. Since it was always more of a daydream than a possibility, we visited those places in our imagination with the help of living books (lots and lots of books) and internet resources. It definitely spurred a wanderlust in all of my children.

I think they also an inherited the travel gene from my Dad's side of the family.  As a teenager, his father took an unexpected journey as a stowaway on a slow boat to China (literally), which eventually led to a career in Aruba, where my father was born.  As an adult, my dad joined the military and raised his family all across the USA, with 4 year stint in Okinawa.

I once counted that I had attended 16 different schools before finishing high school. Don't ask me to recreate that count. My memory isn't what it used …