Fall 2013

What happens when Ancient Roman History 
and Earth Science Lesson Plans Collide?
Lots of excitement, peppered with a little disappointment. 

Pompeii was the topic;
 and what better way to end the day than with some volcanic activity? 

We learned that Mentos and Cola worked best for Stratovocanic activity, but ONLY if the candy was dropped into a 2 liter that was opened seconds before.  Soda poured into a container, either before of after adding the mints, just fizzled out in no time.
 Also noted: Fruit flavored Mentos do not produce the same effect as the mint flavored chews. Yeast and peroxide, tinted with food dye, created a nice foamy eruption.
Good old baking soda and vinegar worked well for the Sheild Volcanoe, since it was supposed to ooze out gradually.
The kids had a fabulous time, and the moms...
... well we had some extra laundry to do. But it was worth it.

WE LOVE SCIENCE! At least Biology and Chemistry. But this year, Physics is on tap, and though I lack enthusiasm for this particular branch of science, so far it has been manageable. Dear husband has been very supportive and encouraging.

Luckily Apologia makes it very easy to learn and teach the basics, especially since I never took this subject in high school or college. No other mom was stepping up to the plate, so I am staying a couple of weeks ahead of the kids by watching instructional DVDs and Kahn Academy videos. So far I am keeping pace with the program and haven't had to call in Dear Husband to teach during his lunch hour. But we are only on Module 8 -- halfway there! And I know the chapter on acoustics should be a piece of cake. I do have an M.A. in Audiology.

The kids love getting together for co-op every Monday, and Maggie and I have decided it is all manageable if we have each other for commiseration.  I will post pics from the next experiment as soon as we resume class. For pictures related to Biology and Chemistry, see previous Science posts.


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