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Something about the relaxed schedule of summer brings out the lazy gene in all of us.
But this year it has gotten ridiculous. I am nagging everyone to wake up, then nagging them to get the chores done (one chore per person- come on!), nagging them to pick up after themselves. It is pitiful. So I decided to go on a housework strike. No more nagging. No more cleaning. No more stressing over the unmade beds or toothpaste in the sink. Dear husband laughed that he would take a dirty house over a stressed out campaign to get things under control, any day. So I granted his wish. Funny that the things you do, that no one notices, are VERY noticeable when you don't do them. Day 1: clothes building up on the bathroom floor, dishes piling up in the sink, crumby stuff on the carpet. I'm doing fine. Just cleaned my room and a corner on the patio where I could drink my morning coffee in peace.Day 2: Can't see the bathroom floor, but you can smell that it is a bathroom. Dishes have been l…