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Enthralled with Beowulf

Behold two wide-eyed brothers as they listen to the hero's tale of Beowulf. I do not believe they ever sat so still for a story before. Once the master story teller closed the book and uttered those dreaded words, "the end," the younger two wrestled for the book to pour over the illustrations. With a surprised and curious look on his face, my 4 year old exclaimed,
"What?! You mean Beowulf's a guy? Where's the wolf?" You'd think dragons and ogres would be enough. It is a story for a man cub, is it not? The girls were not so easily impressed.

Lovin Those Lapbooks- Pt II

History Lapbookingwas a new experience for us. It was an interesting way to catalogue the maps, reports and art projects for the unit. Here are some sample pics. The red page on the left is a sideways page illustrating St. Jerome (Bible and Skull- I know it looks a bit like a chocolate chip cookie from this angle). Our budding artist does a better job with maps and pencil drawings than paint. You can catch a glimpse of his comic knights in colored pencil and a charcoal sketch of Thomas Aquinas above the report.

The paper dolls that came with the history cards activity book were a hit with my youngest daughter. Hers never made it into the lapbook because she had too much fun playing with them in her spare time. Dear son decided if he absolutely had to make a paper "ahemmm" doll he could at least attach his with thread to make it an interactive part of the display. I thought it was a clever solution to his dilemma.

Here is one of the completed lapbooks from our…