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Glorious Day for Pond Scum

What's the perfect cure for fidgety students on a glorious fall afternoon......
I call it Science.  They call it Fantabulous! We barely put our catch on the table long enough to hose down the scientists, when Dude, the kitten, went fishing.  He had an unexpected shower before scooting off to drier ground. But we did manage to save the water plants and guppies.  And there are a couple of new geckos, tree frogs, and  toads in the terrarium. Add that to the crickets and the meal worms, and we have a nice little food chain going. Our ecosystem is getting more and more interesting by the day.Now to think of an interesting way to get those fidgety humans to concentrate on the bookwork tomorrow.

Money and Your Teens

Whenever American Government rolls around in our 4 year cycle, we try to include an Economics course for the high schoolers. This year we've been graced with a neighbor who has a passion for living debt free. She has graciously agreed to teach a beginners' Economics course for a group of home schooling teens. So far they've been watching a DVD series specifically designed by Dave Ramsey for teens. They are also reading What Ever Happened to Penny Candy and The Bluestocking Guide to Economicsby Richard J. Maybury.  I cannot tell you how interesting our dinner table conversations have been since the girls have been taking this course. Wish I had heard a Dave Ramsey lecture or two at an earlier age. My husband and I do believe in living within our means, and taking our commitment as good stewards of material goods seriously. We have tried to pass it on to the kids. But there is something magical about listening to common sense from an expert, then having the advice validated …