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Lichen Those Spores and Spirogyra

We are wrapping up the botany section of Biology and have used quite a few You Tube resources to supplement the textbook. Dear husband connected a computer to the big screen TV so our class can watch videos, view enlarged slides and read notes that I cut and paste from Internet resources onto class presentations. It works as a fabulous electronic chalk board. For instance, when studying aquatic food chains we watchedthis clipfrom Vermont Public TV.
We learned more about the lichens we found on our nature walk from a video by Mille at Clemson University Home & Garden Information Center. And I found this great site for algae and bacteria images.

Thanks to Kimberly and Marsha for teaching the younger students while Biology lab is in progress.  They are having a blast with their own Life Science projects.  
Friday is Science Day- TGIF!