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Are They All Yours?

It is a constant battle to find a charitable response to that question that I've been asked at least weekly for the past 18 years: "Are they all yours?"
Just this week, at the salon, my hair dresser was asking about our Thanksgiving plans when a customer in the next chair made a snide comment about how long it was taking her to cut my hair. His barber asked if he had any idea how many children I had- as though it was somehow tied to the number of minutes it would take to coiffe my hair. When the big number was dropped, he sardonically asked if I had a television set. My answer was "Who needs a TV when I've  got my own reality show?"  It was good for a laugh, but I would much rather have responded with the eloquence of the Philosopher Mom in my favorite post of the week: Hope Is A Thing With Feathers.

Hat tip to Jennifer at Conversion Diary.