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14 to 4 Overnight

We had everyone together for the big birthday bash

......and then it started.   Almost overnight we went from a household of 14 to 4.

Uncle Nick took a nasty fall and is recuperating in a skilled nursing facility until his physical therapy is complete. Anticipated discharge: the end of summer. The grandsons and their mother left to visit  friends and relatives in Maryland for who knows how long. If the economy is more promising in the Northeast, the visit could turn into a permanent move. We delivered 1 son and 4 daughters to Camp in North Carolina. That means we are a typical American family of  4 until the first week of August.  Sort of.

I don't remember how to cook for 4. The washing machine is in shock now that we are doing laundry twice a week instead of twice a day. I mopped the floor yesterday for the first time this week. Haven't had to wash the table cloth more than once a week either.  It takes about 20 minutes to clean the entire house, because it is staying clean long…

Opening Day at Two Fun Camps

After a whirlwind tour of some of Carolina's most beautiful waterfalls, we packed up the teens for a month long stay at Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga.  Dear son was up with the sunrise, so I brought him to the boys' camp first. The counselors had just gathered for breakfast when he surprised them by arriving so early. Luckily his cabin counselor is a friend of the family, and very understanding.

Once he picked his bunk and gave his brother a quick tour, we said an unceremonial good-bye.No hugs, no mushy stuff, just "See ya."  Then I was off to get the girls moving for opening day at Kahdalea.

When we entered Kahdalea, it was like entering the Shire. We were greeted by a babbling brook Passed a vine covered gazebo And fully expected to see Pippin and Meri peak out of this tree, which could walk away at any moment.
The girls were especially excited when they were greeted by cheering counselors, like Dear Daughter.  Things were really cranked up when a bus load of kids …

Gone to Carolina

Summer Fun has officially begun! It was a 10 hour ride in a van overstuffed with 4 trunks, 6 backpacks, 6 sleeping bags, one suitcase,  assorted hanging clothes, 8 pillows and blankets, 2 boxes of groceries, 2 adults, 4 teenagers and 2 children. I thought the doors would pop off when we arrived at our heavenly destination. The sounds of bickering teens and restless young-uns gave way to ooohs and ahhs as we wove around the foothills of North Carolina. Dear Daughter, the summer counselor, met us at Camp Kahdalea with squeals and hugs. Then we packed her up for a two day hiatus with the clan.
Our cabin was called Bear's Den,
and this is the view from the loft window..... The kids spent the evening exploring the trails
and coating themselves in red clay.
We had some time to settle in, discuss sleeping arrangements, and set a few kids outside to camp for the evening. That lasted until 3 am. After two came in for extra blankets, I called the third in for the night. There will be plent…