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Loving those Lap Books

Our family is experimenting with homemade lap books to organize and showcase projects this school year. We have used resources such as History Pockets in the past, but there wasn't an edition available for our current unit on Medieval history. While searching the Internet for a substitute, I came across some interesting lap book ideas. For instance, Mrs. Darlingdesigned a Multiplication Lap book that makes math drills both visually appealing and more exciting to review.
Here is another example of a Earth Science Lap book from Peakmore Academy:

There are also some great ideas in The Big Book of Books. The kids love crafting homemade displays to highlight special studies done throughout the year, then showing off their creativity when grandparents visit. We may even return to the idea of hosting an annual open house to display their handiwork for family and friends. It provides a forum for my students to make oral presentations, recite memorized poetry, and display well written ess…

Letter to Payton

Dear Mom and Dad, Payton here. Wow, I just found out that I weigh 13 ounces, I am growing into such a big boy already, and there's so much more of me to come. I hope you are as excited as I am about this journey we are on together, Get ready! By the way, I had a talk with my Grandma last night and she told me you were very worried about me. I told her there may be a lot to think about, but there is nothing to worry about, because I am part of God's great plan! I am holding Jesus in a special spot in my heart, and it is just as bright as His light is to remind us that I am His gift to you. I don't really want to worry you already, being that I am not even old enough to get into trouble yet. Just give me time to get there so I can act like my Daddy when he was a small boy (my other Grandma told me that part), then I promise that I will earn all the worries that you could possibly imagine. Grandma said you guys should "Let God's peace guard your heart against anxiety,…