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Year of Milestones

Wow, I am so behind the times! There are simply too many milestones to keep up with on the web log this year. We have celebrated landmark birthdays, a high school graduation, and a confirmation so far. I started off on my game with a post about our Sweet 16-erin January. Then life started rolling faster than I could keep up as we planned for a fabulous summer  and a North Carolina camp experience. And I dropped the blogging ball altogether when Uncle Nick broke his hip. Time to play catch up now that Uncle Nick is back in Boogie Mode.
We celebrated a fabulous 18th birthday, right on the heels of a high school graduation. It was such an exciting way to kick off the summer. These three gals made a fine 2011 graduating class! And What a thrill to watch Dear Husband present the diploma as we celebrated the accomplishments of our middle child!  

Everyone was excited that Father offered a beautiful mass in honor of the graduates. Home schooling can be exhausting and the rewards are not always im…

Ancient Literature / History / Art Cycle (With Some Chemistry on the Side)

Just a little light reading on the schedule this month:
The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Code of Hammurabi, and Till We Have Faces.
The kids have also virtually explored the Caves of Lascaux, the Gate of Ishtar, and the mysteries of Stonehenge.
In Art co-op we have designed our own cave painting shoe boxes,

 crafted low relief sculptures with recycled styrofoam,
and molded animals out of terra cotta clay.

While the high school kids separated the H2 fro the O in Dr. Marsha's Lab,  the elementary school students grew borax crystals on my window sill.
I am really proud of the work the kids have been doing. They are also enjoying the beautiful fall weather and fun Fridays playing football on the lawn. Life is good, and I am thankful for the gift of home education- which allows me to enjoy every moment of it with them.