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Early American History

Early American History continues, slowly but steadily. The schedule has slipped because we've taken some extra time to linger over the interesting events in our country's heritage. But the units have fallen in line with the calendar beautifully. For instance, we studied the Pilgrims and Indians at Thanksgiving and George Washington just before President's Day.

The kids enjoyed sketching half of Gilbert Stuart's George Washington's portrait from Veritas Press Resource pages. We superimposed the sketch upon a Betsy Ross style flag and practiced cutting out 5 point stars with just one snip of the scissors.  One of the younger boys used Draw Write Now to design his own version of our first President. Everyone enjoyed tying the art project into history, and I was tickled at how different each child's project turned out. Next we used Picturing America prints to analyze Leutze's Washington Crossing the Delaware.  and Grant Wood's Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. E…

The Next Generation - Guest Post!

By Laura Cooke There is nothing more difficult than trying to figure out how to educate your first-born, smarter-than-the-others, cuter-than-most, sensitive, inquisitive, courageous, perfect baby. Who on earth will you find to put Band-aids on those scraped knees, even when they're really not injured? Who's going to explain goldfish death with the delicate care she needs? Is there anyone out there who will understand that she's easily embarrassed? After watching her learn from the world, who can still give her the world...inside a classroom? Whose side will the teacher take when she gets into her first squabble without a referee? Who can possibly correct her mistakes with the love of a person truly invested in her heart, mind and soul? 
I swore up and down that I'd send my kids to public school. Until I met them. Now I have this incredible little girl who does these amazing things, all day long. She's also incredibly frustrating. In typical preschooler f…